Welcome to Business a la Carte

Welcome to Business a la Carte™!

Business a la Carte™ is a series of exclusive individual and group lunches that bring together business professionals and creative talent in a supportive setting to share and solve problems, to enhance careers, to grow current business and to create new opportunities.

Who should attend?

If you’re a business executive, creative talent or entrepreneur, and experience:

• Self-doubt, and difficulty making important decisions.
• Problems with focus, structure and execution.
• Overthinking every little thing and nothing seems good enough.
• Feeling overwhelmed, and difficulty prioritizing tasks.
• Resistance to growth and change.
• Feeling like an impostor—like you’re a fake and a phony.
• Anxiety and fear when approaching significant meetings, interviews and presentations.
• Problems interacting with people: reading a room, actively listening and articulating what you really want.

Then Business a la Carte™ is for you.

It answers the question: “What would you be doing differently—and better—if you had more skill and confidence?”


In my career as a senior executive, I was convinced that success was built on working harder than anyone else, over-delivering, and being perfect.

I was wrong. Now I realize that no one succeeds alone—no one. We all need support: a team that energizes us and helps us to find solutions.

Support is essential to success.

Research shows that a collaborative environment sparks ideas, gives fresh perspectives and makes you more likely to take on new challenges and opportunities.

Join me and begin your journey to success.

Frequent topics and benefits include, but are not limited to:

• Boosting confidence and skills to fuel action
• 4 keys to assessing and solving problems and navigating growth and change
• Answers and feedback to your most pressing questions
• Expert advice on getting more organized, efficient, and improving execution
• Identifying best practices in leadership styles
• Developing sharper focus and enhancing collaboration skills
• Effective techniques in building your brand from the inside out

By Appointment Only.

There are 2 Business a la Carte™ formats: Individual and Small Group.

The Individual session involves one-on-one lunches with me. They are exclusive and tailored to your needs and interests.

The small group format is run by me and brings together professionals and creative talent wherein attendees benefit from the feedback and perspective from each other as well as from the group leader.

To schedule your Business a la Carte experience, please contact:


Business a la Carte™ is a trademark of Michelle Kerrigan Inc.