Does this sound familiar?

    • You explain what you want and get something else.
    • Sales are lost because operations fail to deliver.
    • Delays are caused by ignored or missed deadlines.
    • You or your operation lacks ownership, accountability and follow-through.
    • Projects often seem to lose direction.
    • Customers and clients are complaining more frequently.
    • Conflict/confusion/misunderstanding wastes time and money.
    • The volume of costly errors is increasing.
    • Walls between departments block productivity.
    • There is resistance to growth and change.


MKI offers:

A hands-on approach to ensure proper problem solving and effective implementation.

Practical, clear solutions, grown out of many years’ experience in the trenches. No organizational development jargon, just solutions that work.

Successful outcomes: It’s about what’s best for your business.

Sustainable results: 25+ years’ leadership and operations experience.