• “A big part of a company’s success lies in the details of a smoothly run workplace. This is where Michelle excels. She’s a master in organizing and developing high-performance operations that help a company get where it needs to go. Michelle approaches everything she does with enthusiasm, humor and integrity.”
— Jeff Jones
CEO, Apple Corps Ltd. London


  • “Michelle is an expert in her field, well-liked and respected — a real ‘go to’ person when you need to gain perspective and get issues resolved. She shares her knowledge to her clients’ best advantage, helping them not only initiate positive change, but ensure they maintain it.”
— Annmarie Gatti
Founder and President, Classic Movie Hub


    • “Michelle has an uncanny ability to move a company forward in a positive direction, no matter how dysfunctional or disorganized it seems. From day one, she works hands-on and up close to understand how operations function, and then not only delivers solutions that make sense, but can actually put them into motion: from structuring departments to meet deadlines and reduce costs, to improving service to drive market share and revenue.
      I’ve seen her transform a workplace full of chaos and confusion into a smoothly functioning operation. It doesn’t get much better than that.”
— Michael Pico
General Manager, The Village Voice


    • “Michelle is an outstanding leader and coach—terrific at motivating and focusing people, and getting them to move forward together as a team.”
— Mary Moriarty
Human Capital, GEMS Education-Americas


    • “I’ve recommended Michelle for issues related to operations, work flow, and efficiency. Her extensive experience, coupled with a positive disposition, make her a real pleasure to work with.”
— Michael Poster, Esq.
Vandenberg & Feliu


    • “Michelle was a dynamic guest lecturer for my motivation class at Hunter College, where she presented an engaging talk about her personal approach to navigating change. Based on her own leadership experiences, she provided practical advice to students about conquering doubt and fear and shared an invaluable tool: her strategic road map for analyzing and solving work/life challenges.
      By the end of her talk, my students were excited, energized and the confidence level of the entire class was notably higher.
      As a VP of Strategy and professor of psychology, I appreciate the inherent good business sense of her methods to reduce stress and make a positive and lasting impact on the workplace. Her equation is simple and effective—give employees and executives the practical tools they need to increase their confidence and performance will significantly improve. I urge everyone to pay attention to Michelle.”
— Dr. Lynn Nezin
VP, Strategic Planning Director, DraftFCB Healthcare and
Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology,
Hunter College


    • “When it comes to operational initiatives, Michelle gets it done! She’s an expert problem solver, with a great sense of humor, who has been developing talent and teamwork, improving productivity, and delivering results for years.”
— Dan Beck
Dan Beck Enterprises, LLC


    • “Michelle advised me during a critical time in my career. She listened and her guidance helped me understand and manage issues from senior-level perceptions to implementing an action plan. She gave me the no nonsense solution I needed to overcome a difficult situation.”
— Lai Tsang
Discovery Communications


    • “Michelle has a unique talent for bringing out the best in people: identifying their value and connecting it not only to their roles, but to the goals of the organization as well. She is an incredible resource for identifying and solving people and process problems to deliver results and move businesses forward.
      Her ability to help an organization adapt to change is invaluable. Most importantly, she cares: about the individual; about the team; about commitment to the work at hand. Obviously, I recommend her highly.”
— Robert Salvatore
Senior Project Manager, Opera Orchestra of New York


    • “Michelle is an insightful and talented coach who can help you envision and reach your potential. She is open, honest and supportive, and helps to generate ideas that guide you in identifying opportunities and building the confidence to go after them.”
— Alice Wells Townsend
Director of Events