About Michelle Kerrigan

For over three decades, Michelle Kerrigan has been helping businesses and private clients excel in the workplace and marketplace. She is an expert in developing the process, skills and confidence critical to high performance and productivity.

Known for extensive leadership experience and practical mastery in day-to-day operations and execution, Michelle is a powerful resource for keeping organizations moving forward and growing successfully. Results are higher efficiency and reliability, solid structure and collaboration, improved service, and revenue growth.

Michelle does what no one else does. She bridges the gap between confidence and performance, providing an invaluable road map for conquering fear and doubt, navigating change, and solving day-to-day challenges. Her common sense approach makes a positive and lasting impact on people in the workplace, increasing their morale, resiliency and professionalism.

Michelle has a rare expertise and perspective that come from working on both sides of the desk. As a leader and advisor, she has extensive hands-on experience working with businesses that range from startups to large corporations. She also provides consulting and coaching for high-net-worth family office and private clients.

Michelle’s strong record of success includes roles as Senior Director, then Vice President, of creative operations and services, where she led CBS Records and Sony Music through two decades of organizational growth and change. She played a key role in driving global brand success to $1 billion in revenue, while saving millions in operating costs. She built and led a team of 60 in the daily execution of marketing campaigns, from creative concept to completion, delivering impeccable work on impossible deadlines for some of the most important recording artists in history.

As Executive Vice President at BurnLounge, a marketing and media start-up, Michelle was the senior management solution needed to lead and grow day-to-day operations. She provided an operational foundation for a new team of 70, increasing productivity, service, and morale, and positioning the company for rapid growth and change.

Michelle shares valuable insights and practical tips for success on her blog, which is #1 in Workplace Confidence, and is an expert contributor to Business Insider, First30Days, ExecuNet and Women Who Run It. In addition, Michelle speaks on the role self esteem plays in achieving success, leads workshops and working lunches in executive excellence, and produces a series for public television, Workplace Confidence.