Assessing Risk, Operational Due Diligence:

Most clients focus on the management team. If you are investing in a company that is growing or changing,
you must take a closer look at the day-to-day operation.
This is where vision comes to life, in the form of people, process, and teamwork.


  • Evaluate management effectiveness as leaders.

The ability to set the right tone and unify a team is critical. I look at the quality of management, which is reflected in their team.

  • Review details of growth

Growth means change, which requires a flexible operating plan. I evaluate each stage for necessary resources and realistic expectations.

  • Define clear goals and priorities

Often, strategy is unclear and there are too many priorities. I review the to-do list to determine if it is focused and doable.

  • Determine if the team is organized and primed to execute

Often the team lacks structure and motivation. I review processes, workflows, schedules, responsibilities and incentives.

The Bottom Line:

Strong management + a strong team = strong growth and revenue